10 tips on how to prepare to the month of Ramadan
10 tips on how to prepare to the month of Ramadan

Let us remember any important events in our lives. How do we prepare for him? Do we let things slide, or carefully prepare and plan? Of course, we consider every detail, waiting for it and planning this event. Days and months especially allocated by the Allah Almighty have much more importance. Ramadan is the best month of the year. In this month you can get countless reward, as well as enter among those who deserve the Lord's forgiveness. In this month we can start to change for the better, to get praiseworthy qualities and to get rid of bad habits and sins.

This is the month of Quran, worship and obedience to our Lord. But, as we know, success doesn't come so easily. This is often the result of planned action and a conversion to God with a plea that He help for this. Let's do the coming Ramadan month special.

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